Family Therapy

Our program is designed to bring families back together.

To lay the foundation for a successful path to family recovery, we believe every member of the family needs proper education. Charlie Health is committed to providing the essential tools and support that parents need to understand, connect, and help their child get back on track to mental wellness.

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A mom and daughter reviewing therapy options

Charlie Health provides parent coaching and parent support groups

Our parent-to-parent support groups offer education and guidance, in a safe, supportive environment.

While we work with parents in support groups and through coaching, we work with patients one-on-one and in groups to process resentments and traumas. We teach our patients how to identify triggers and help them develop emotional regulation skills. Then, we bring everyone together to strengthen. the family relationship.


Challenges that you and your family may be facing that Charlie Health can help with:

• Family conflict
• Poor coping skills
• School refusal
• Hassles over issues like screen time, vaping, going out with friends, curfews
• Tantrums, screaming arguments
• Difficulties surrounding homework

How you and your family will benefit:

• You will experience fewer angry outbursts and more opportunities for problem solving
• Your child will learn how to self-regulate and a sense of personal responsibility for their emotions
• You will develop a method for troubleshooting family struggles and know which skills to use to solve new problems as they arise
• You will learn how to work with each other, instead of against each other
• Your child will feel comfortable discussing their challenges and concerns with you instead of withdrawing or reacting

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