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Charlie Health welcomes the opportunity to partner with you to provide excellent care to your patients.

Need help or additional information? Please contact our outreach and admissions teams below for any questions about referring patients to our programs or about the admissions process.

CH MH Services (CA) LLC is certified by the State Department of Health Care Services (Lic. #300414AP expiring 06/30/2023).
For detailed information on our California Facility Licensure, please visit the
California Health and Human Services Department's website.

For general questions about Charlie Health's services and programs, please contact:

Jaclyn Langosch

Regional Director of Outreach: Midwest

(708) 635-3519

Mackenzie Jensen

Outreach Manager: Cincinnati, Ohio

(513) 591-8181

Andrea Lay:

Outreach Manager: Columbus, Ohio

(740) 319-6948

Shlok Kharod

Outreach Manager: Illinois

(312) 351-0667

Ethan Zink

Outreach Director: Michigan

(734) 834-9729

Genevieve George

Outreach Manager: Indiana

(463) 710-4670

Maria Roxas

Senior Outreach Manager: Illinois

(815) 258-0829

For specific questions about Charlie Health's admissions process, please contact:

Admissions Team (

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