How to Build Mental Health Awareness in Schools

By identifying the warning signs of mental health conditions and providing mental health support, schools can help at-risk students seek mental health care.

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How to Talk About Tragedy & School Shootings

Kids and teens across the US are caught in the crosshairs of two deadly crises: rising rates of mental health issues and unrelenting gun violence. The trauma associated with both of these truths is immense and cannot be underestimated in its toll on young people’s sense of wellbeing. One of the most basic psychological needs in all human beings is a sense of safety. When this fundamental security is stripped away from the environment, it’s incredibly difficult to function, let alone thrive. 

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Your Guide to Back-to-School: 2021

If parents and teens found the 2020 transition back to school challenging, they’ll need even more support navigating the 2021 return. At Charlie Health, we’re here to help parents and families make their way through this “minefield” of a new school year.

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How to Keep Your Child Engaged with Distance Learning

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, families and students alike have been forced to adapt to a new way of learning. For many, even regular school can be overwhelming and exacerbate underlying signs of mental health disorders. It’s important that families work together to promote healthy schedules to allow students to remain motivated with online learning.

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Navigating Back-to-School During COVID-19

School is back in session–however, many students are struggling to adjust to this “new normal,” on top of the anxiety, fear, and stress that the typical back-to-school season brings. Similarly, parents are grappling with how to best support their children. It’s important to remember that every family is navigating these challenges for the first time, but this is not forever—we will get through it!

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