How does Charlie Health work?

An individual is struggling with mental health or substance use, but there are no local providers.
They call Charlie Health.

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Why choose Charlie Health?

We specialize in teens and young adults.

Our clinical model is more than just individual therapy. From assessment to
treatment and beyond, Charlie Health is here to support you and your child.

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Evidence-based practices

No one can recover alone. The Charlie Health clinical team works closely together to ensure that we are delivering comprehensive, coordinated care, and we communicate thoroughly with the patient's parents and outside providers about progress and success throughout.

Our clinical model is backed by science. We use evidence-based practices, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, to help patients recognize their maladaptive coping mechanisms and introduce new healthy skills.

We encourage our patients to attend weekly group therapy where they can build community in a safe and supportive environment. Our parents also are encourage to attend weekly parent support groups to build their own network of like-minded peers.

Charlie Health is the first treatment provider to use information collected at intake and a proprietary algorithm to match patients into groups with the most relevant peers and therapists, and with a therapy curriculum curriculum customized just for those patients.

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Family involvement
is crucial

Charlie Health is committed to providing the essential tools and support that parents need to understand, empathize, and support their child in achieving health and happiness. Our program is designed to bring families back together. Through parent coaching, parent support groups, family therapy, and individual work with the patient, we achieve life-long healing.

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be customized

From the comfort of their own home, our patients can recover. Our program fits to their life and our digital platform allows our patients to connect with their therapists through secure video and messaging.

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Fighting mental illness must be a team effort
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Community is essential

We Are Here to Support You

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