Help us build the solution to the youth mental health crisis

Charlie Health is the largest provider of virtual intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment programming to young people and families in crisis. Our virtual model allows us to treat 12-28 year olds who need therapy more than once per week, or who need additional support after completing an inpatient program. Charlie Health's IOP is rooted in a combination of group, individual, and family therapy that allows us to create personalized, holistic, and sustainable recovery programs.

We are proud to treat young people no matter where they live, who they are, or what they can afford. At the core of everything we do is the belief that healing is possible.

Our vision

To heal youth and families everywhere who are experiencing mental health crises by providing equitable access to high-quality, evidence-based care.

Carter Barnhart
CEO and Co-Founder

"We're building the solution to the youth mental health crisis and saving lives every day. Each clinician, team member, and leader at Charlie Health plays a critical role in helping improve access to industry-leading care."

“Our mission is to decrease mental health visits to the emergency room and to dramatically reduce rates of youth suicide.

We know that sending young people to the E/R for a mental health crisis doesn’t work. We know that life-saving care is often too hard to find, or too late. At Charlie Health, we’re fixing that.”

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, LCSW, MSW
Chief Clinical Officer and Co-Founder

Our Values




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Our Values


We’re building the world’s largest virtual-first mental health treatment program for youth and families. To us, this work is personal.


Through a combination of evidence-based care, engaged community partnerships, and best-in-class technology, we are solving the youth mental health crisis. We have the tools and team to meet this crisis head on.


Every single member of the Charlie Health team is dedicated to revolutionizing mental healthcare. We work tirelessly to ensure that youth and families everywhere —regardless of location or socioeconomic status — get the care they deserve.

Charlie Health
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Remote workforce


In annual wellness stipends

Ongoing education and training opportunities across the cutting edge of evidence-based treatments

Cross-licensure sponsorship opportunities

Caring is at our Core

Your mental health comes first.

Zero-stress medical, dental, and vision coverage, competitive salary packages, and a generous PTO policy

Plus 401(k) matching options and paid primary caregiver leave for full-time employees.

Wellness benefits

Every team member receives a monthly wellness stipend for the mindfulness, talk therapy, nutrition, or fitness app or program of their choice (Headspace, TalkSpace, Noom, Peloton, gym membership, etc.). We're big on self-care, and we want our employees to live happy and balanced lives.


We’ve designed our onboarding process with both you and your patients in mind. Every clinician spends 40 hours with our clinical onboarding team before meeting with patients.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident with both your clinical skills and with the Charlie Health program from the moment you lead your first group.


Mental healthcare isn’t one size fits all, which is why we train our clinicians across a wide spectrum of modalities.
We offer free CEU events and formal certifications in CBT, DBT, trauma-focused therapy, EMDR, and more, all administered by both in-house and outside experts in the field.

Flexible working accommodations

We offer the flexibility of remote work with the camaraderie of an in-person office. There are no silos at Charlie Health.

We know that when you succeed, our patients succeed.

From day one, our success has been measured in lives saved. We look forward to solving the youth mental health crisis, together.

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“Charlie Health gives me the opportunity to work alongside wonderful people, saving lives and changing the face of mental health care. As Director of LGBTQIA+ Programming, I have the privilege of living my dream: advocating for my community, working directly with our clients, and showing up for LGBTQIA+ youth every single day.”

Dr. Ley David Elliette Cray, Ph.D.

Director of LGBTQIA+ Programming

“I love working with adolescents and young adults because life can be unexpectedly challenging and everyone deserves to have a little extra support along the way. ”

Ann Matino

Clinical Director

“Charlie Health has provided me with the unique opportunity to show up as my whole, complete self in a corporate world. We are a team of real people, making real connections, and changing lives in a powerful way."

Dr. Chelsi Clark, Ph.D.

Director of BIPOC Programming

“Charlie Health has given me the opportunity to be a part of a unique and diverse team of talented practitioners who shine in their craft, while also holding space for me to grow professionally, personally, and spiritually."

Alex Torres

Contemplative Practitioner

“Being able to connect with clients who are similar in age to me has made my work so fulfilling. I've also made close friendships with my coworkers, so I know I can always find support."

Maddy Clark-Saunders

Peer Advisor

“Being in such a supportive work environment truly allows me to be my best self. When I feel like my best self, I am able to provide quality care to every client I serve."

NaKeya Ashe

Clinical Director

“The impact being made at Charlie Health within the LGBTQIA+ community surpasses any organization I've ever had the privilege of working with in all my years as a therapist."

Ryan Curtiss


“As a therapist, I work to foster understanding, growth, and confidence in the clients I work with. Charlie Health continues to allow me to be inspired and thrive in the quality of service I deliver each day."

Chad Sanchez


“Self-care is so important when you’re providing authentic space for clients, and I’m able to receive teamwide support that helps make my job smoother. Charlie Health has encouraged my growth as a clinician while acknowledging my own mental health needs."

Ali Ramos