Careers at Charlie Health


“There’s no other company that has the accessibility that Charlie Health does and reaches as many people as we do.”

Leah Hunter

Group Facilitator

“It’s such a joy and an honor to get to provide support for individuals who are walking through the same things that I have.”

Sarah Caballero

Group Facilitator

“Charlie Health takes care of the clinicians. They want to see you succeed.”

Raven Beal

Group Facilitator

“Everyone here is constantly trying to find new things that we can do that can help serve the clients even better.”

Katrina Plato

Integrative Group Facilitator and Registered Art Therapist

“I’m able to be a better facilitator with the flexibility that Charlie Health allows.”

Lauren Sciremammano

DBT Facilitator

“I have never felt alone at Charlie Health, even though I am states away from some of my closest coworkers.”

Emma Downey

Clinical Onboarding Specialist

“I can bring my authentic self to work in the same way that we’re trying to get the people in groups to also feel comfortable opening up and expressing their authenticity.”

Jessica Buck

Group Facilitator

“Charlie Health doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.”

Roxanne Kelly

Group Facilitator

“It’s this wholly enriching experience that lets us think about ourselves in the world in different ways from week to week.”

Austin Chason

Contemplative Practitioner

“Charlie Health is an opportunity to make an impact with higher acuity individuals and serve them in their personal space.”

Tracye Freeman Valentine

Clinical Supervisor

“It’s just a really great place full of connection and life-changing work.”

Liss Marris

Experiential Therapist

“I work with some of the best clinicians I’ve ever worked with.”

Kathleen Douglass

Clinical Supervisor, Primary Therapist

“I’m incredibly grateful that I get to wake up and be a part of this team that we’ve built together in psychiatry.”

Eli Muhrer

Medical Director

“In every corner of Charlie Health there’s just so much space to learn and grow”

Elaine Randolph

Primary Therapist

“One of the coolest things about Charlie Health when I got here was I got to expand where I was licensed”

Chad Sanchez

Primary Therapist

“At Charlie Health, we have such a huge network of clinicians and clinical minds.”

Maggie Vitello

Clinical Director

“You can feel the passion within the team and the entire organization for providing access to mental healthcare.”

Rachel Goyette

Creative Arts Therapist

“It is my life’s purpose to work on ending the youth mental health crisis.”

Rena Elyyan

Senior Clinical Admissions Therapist

Benefits built for you

As a mental health company, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking through how we can best support our employees’ lives both within and outside of work.

Build a community of coworkers from home

  • All-remote work
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Part-time options available

Take care of yourself—mind and body

  • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage
  • One Medical membership
  • Headspace subscription
  • $1200 annual wellness stipend

Invest in your future

  • Fertility and adoption support through Carrot
  • 401(k) retirement planning with employer matching

Grow your career

  • Supervision hours for full-time, junior-licensed staff
  • Cross-licensure opportunities
  • Free CEU credits

Reset and recharge

  • Generous PTO policy
  • Paid parental and caregiver leave
  • Annual company holidays

We are pleased to offer these benefits to full-time, exempt employees

Illustration of Clinician

Our values


Care deeply

We care personally about every single person in the Charlie Health ecosystem: our clients, providers, and team members alike.

Inspire hope

We inspire hope with every interaction, reminding our clients that we truly and unconditionally believe in them.


Stay curious

We ask “why” five times before we’re satisfied with the answer. We don’t stick to the status quo; we challenge our assumptions and remain humble.

Heed the evidence

Above all, we’re results-oriented. When we find data that calls our original plan into question, we modify or pivot.


Act with urgency

We work as swiftly as possible. The mental health crisis is relentless, and so are we.

Don’t give up

Our clients don’t give up and neither do we. Persistence is our superpower.

Charlie Health might be for you if…

You’re passionate about making an impact on the national mental health crisis.

You approach work with curiosity and are motivated by a desire to learn.

You’re energized by hard problems and won’t stop until you solve them.

Clinical Careers

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