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Our virtual treatment plans include customized individual therapy, supported groups, and family therapy sessions each week. We match you with care providers and peers who have experience with your mental health needs. This personalized approach to care ensures you feel supported & safe throughout your healing journey.

Heart caseThe individuals we support with our virtual IOP program

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Our care plans provide both community and connection from the comfort of home. Virtual care means accessing IOP wherever your safe space is.

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Young Adults

We make it easy for you to navigate mental health challenges. With flexible schedules and virtual access, you can keep up with school, work, and life.

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Parents & Caregivers

Connect your teen with the mental health resources they need, including customized peer groups and expert, compassionate care providers.

The individuals we support with our virtual IOP program

Anxiety Disorders

Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder, agoraphobia


Major depression, melancholic depression, atypical depression, seasonal affective disorder, persistent depressive disorder

Dissociative Disorders

Dissociative identity disorder, dissociative amnesia, psychosis, depersonalization-derealization disorder

Gender Identity & Dysphoria

Gender identity issues, gender dysphoria

Mood Disorders

Disruptive mood disorder, bipolar I, bipolar II, dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia


ADHD, conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, learning difficulties, developmental issues

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Co-occurring anxiety disorders, co-occurring depressive disorders, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Perinatal or postpartum mood disorder, anxiety disorder, psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Personality Disorders

Avoidant personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, impulsive personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, obsessive compulsive personality disorder, and histrionic personality disorder

Postpartum Depression

Perinatal depression


Self-harm, self-injury, suicidal ideation, suicide survival

Substance Use Disorders

Alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, amphetamines, cocaine, inhalants, hallucinogens, nicotine


Acute trauma, chronic trauma, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder

Headshot of Justin Weiss

Justin Weiss

Head of Corporate Strategy & Co-Founder

“Outside of Charlie Health, behavioral health treatment is mostly one-size-fits-all. We are the only program giving patients the particular type of treatment that research has proven works best for what they’re going through. There isn’t just room at Charlie for every patient. There is a special place here for everyone.”

Client & family satisfaction through 6-month follow-up


of clients & families would recommend Charlie Health


of parents & caregivers were satisfied with their loved one’s primary therapist


of clients were satisfied with their primary therapist

*Based on client survey responses as of September 2023

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FAQs for Who We Serve

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How do I know if IOP is an appropriate treatment for me or my loved one?

Our primary program offering—virtual intensive outpatient care (IOP)—is an appropriate level of care for teens and young adults who need more than weekly therapeutic support. Many of our clients have either recently discharged from a higher level of care (i.e. a residential treatment facility or emergency department admission) or are seeking more support than traditional weekly talk therapy.

Can I use my insurance for Charlie Health services?

We accept major insurance providers and Medicaid. Your financial circumstances should never be a barrier to receiving care.

Is virtual mental healthcare effective?

Absolutely! When teens, young adults, and families no longer have to drive back and forth to care, it’s easier for them to fully participate in treatment. Virtual care also means more personalized care, which is why our outcomes are well above industry averages.

What if I am taking medications or need to meet with a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are available as needed for medication management, dependent on which state you are located in, via an affiliated medical provider. Psychiatry services are provided by psychiatrists and other clinicians employed by independently owned and operated professional practices and not by Charlie Health, Inc. or its subsidiaries.

I am a provider looking to learn more about Charlie Health. How should I get in touch?

We are eager to connect and share our program with other providers and potential partners. Our outreach teams across the country are committed to connecting their communities with accessible, evidence-based, and compassionate mental healthcare. To get in touch, learn more, or make a referral, please visit our general referral page.

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Comprehensive mental health treatment from home

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