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We're directly addressing the needs of young people in crisis

Young people and families are living through a mental health epidemic. We're fighting it head on with industry-leading evidence-based care and equitable access.

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Carter Barnhart
CEO & Co-Founder

"Personalized mental healthcare saved me when I was a teen. It's my mission to make that same care accessible to everyone, everywhere."

After surviving a sexual assault as a teen, I struggled with anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation for years. I eventually entered a residential treatment program where I received therapy multiple times per week alongside other young people just like me. After I successfully completed treatment, I found a new sense of hope and purpose. I was inspired to find a way to bring this same hope to as many young people as possible.

We founded Charlie Health to create the solution for teens and young adults who lack access to sustainable, affordable, and personalized healing. Amidst an ever-growing youth mental health crisis, our vision is clear: better care, from anywhere, with lifelong results.

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Only 63% of U.S. counties have mental health facilities for young people in crisis

An evidence-based approach that works

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9-12 weeks

Our evidence-based programs are for young people in need of a higher level of support, with comprehensive, personalized treatment plans alongside peers with common goals.

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No waitlists

Once you connect with our admissions team, you'll be matched into a personalized treatment plan in as little as 24 hours. Your urgency is our priority.

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100% matched

Every new client is paired with a personalized therapist who is trained to address their specific needs and with a group of peers coming from similar backgrounds and life experiences.

National Averages

Of people in the U.S. live in an area without access to appropriate mental healthcare providers


The average % of income families in crisis spend on mental healthcare


The average number of weeks spent waiting
for Intensive Outpatient (IOP) therapy


The number of people in need of care vs. available providers

Charlie Health

Our virtual-first model means we're able to reach people in need who historically haven't had access to treatment


The numbers of insurers we work with to ensure the lowest cost for treatment


The average number of days to get started with Charlie Health


Of Charlie Health clients are matched with a provider

Our values

Our mission is more than ambitious. It's a mandate.
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We are a team who cares deeply and personally about the entire Charlie Health family: our patients, providers, payors, and team members.


To be the best providers, we must emphasize open and candid communication. We will always adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility.


Our team relies on each individual player's effort and passion to accomplish our collective goal.

Join us as we transform mental healthcare. We're rebuilding high-acuity care from the ground up and need the best minds to do it.

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