Engineering, Product & Design Careers at Charlie Health

From Engineering and Product to Data Science and Design, joining Charlie Health means building life-saving technology while advancing your career in a high-growth environment.

“I’m looking forward to building the platform that not just enables Charlie Health to continue to scale, but as we scale, to really give our clinicians superpowers.”

Sam Reider

VP of Engineering

“As an engineer, I feel like I’m just one step away from giving someone hope.”

Madina Zabran

Engineering Manager

“Being able to work directly with clinicians and providers and operators really makes you feel connected and see the value of the work that you’re doing.”

Alex Romano

Director of Engineering

“We have a lot of ownership on our team. Everyone kind of takes a piece of different experiences and is really able to lean in and do what they do best.”

Justin Kwong

Senior Product Designer

“It really makes a difference when you realize that each piece of code that you push on a daily basis is actually improving the lives of our clients.”

Troy Ketsdever

Director of Engineering

“There’s tons of collaboration and it’s just super fun to get to jump in with people who are just equally as passionate and excited about what we’re building.”

Tali Prince

Senior Product Manager

“The work that we do at Charlie Health is simply life or death. We’re not building another B2B SaaS tool, we’re not building ad technology, we’re building life saving treatment.”

Griffin Kao

Product Manager

“So much of research around mental health today is over-representing people who come from privileged demographics; at Charlie Health we’re able to serve clients in rural communities, people of color, and people across socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Anyi Cheng

Product Manager


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Benefits built for you

As a mental health company, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking through how we can best support our employees’ lives both within and outside of work.

Take care of yourself—mind and body

  • Comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage
  • One Medical membership
  • Headspace subscription
  • $1200 annual wellness stipend

Invest in your future

  • Fertility and adoption support through Carrot
  • 401(k) retirement planning with employer matching

Reset and recharge

  • Generous PTO policy
  • Paid parental and caregiver leave
  • Annual company holidays

We are pleased to offer these benefits to full-time, exempt employees

Illustration of laptop



Care deeply

We care personally about every single person in the Charlie Health ecosystem: our clients, providers, and team members alike.

Inspire hope

We inspire hope with every interaction, reminding our clients that we truly and unconditionally believe in them.


Stay curious

We ask “why” five times before we’re satisfied with the answer. We don’t stick to the status quo; we challenge our assumptions and remain humble.

Heed the evidence

Above all, we’re results-oriented. When we find data that calls our original plan into question, we modify or pivot.


Act with urgency

We work as swiftly as possible. The mental health crisis is relentless, and so are we.

Don’t give up

Our clients don’t give up and neither do we. Persistence is our superpower.

Charlie Health might be for you if…

You’re passionate about making an impact on the national mental health crisis.

You approach work with curiosity and are motivated by a desire to learn.

You’re energized by hard problems and won’t stop until you solve them.

Engineering, Product, Data Science, and Design Careers

Sample roles at Charlie Health