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Young Adult

“Charlie Health genuinely saved me.”

Charlie Health genuinely saved me. I met some of the best people in my life and made amazing connections. I hope every can get the same benefits that I received in this program.


Young Adult

“My mental health has changed for the better.”

I went from having panic attacks several times a week without any coping skills to having panic attacks once a week or less with strategies to use. Before Charlie Health, no one was able to help me find any solutions to my extreme panic attacks. My mental health has changed for the better because of the services at Charlie Health.



“My daughter was acting like herself again.”

I really didn’t know what to do for my daughter before Charlie Health. I’ve always felt I've been alone in this. I felt so helpless. Within the first week [of her starting Charlie Health], my daughter was acting like herself again. Charlie Health has given my daughter and me lifelong tools to navigate her anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve been blown away. I’m very impressed and very happy.

—Tasia C.

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