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Family Therapy Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Family therapy is an integral component of mental health treatment plans for teens and young adults.

Family therapy for teens & young adults

Family therapy is a type of counseling that involves the entire family system rather than just the individual enrolled in a virtual intensive outpatient program. The goal of family therapy is to identify the root causes of the patient’s mental health concerns and gain a better understanding of how everyone is feeling in the family.

Practitioners can assist family members in several ways in family therapy, including conflict mediation, communication, anger management, and relationship building. Over time, families can reconnect as a solid unit instead of being stuck in conflict with each other.

Family therapy support for teens & young adults

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Family therapy treatment for teens & young adults

Family therapy involves creating several strategies to reduce conflict and open the lines of communication. Together with your skilled practitioner, you’ll learn several ways to reduce the number of outbursts in the home, regulate emotions, troubleshoot common family struggles, and proactively listen to each other.

All Charlie Health IOP patients participate in family therapy once a week as part of the treatment plan. We believe it’s an integral part of developing long-term well-being for teens and young adults.

A young person participating in an intensive outpatient program sits in front of a computer with her smiling parents.

How family therapy provides healing for teens & young adults

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Family therapy research

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