Covid-19 Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Teens and young adults have been facing above-average levels of anxiety and depression since the Covid-19 pandemic. Get the resources you need to navigate the world and regain a sense of normalcy.

COVID-19 effects on teens & young adults

Research shows that fear of the unknown, school shutdowns, and the stressful cut-off from social support systems during the Covid-19 pandemic have created a collective trauma shared by many people across the world, particularly teens and young adults who were going through key development periods.

Explore Charlie Health’s resources to learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on this generation and how professional help can help you recover from the mental health effects of this devastating global event.

COVID-19 mental health for teens & young adults

Access resources on COVID-19-related trauma and processing strategies to overcome any related anxiety or depression.

Students wear a mask at the start of a new COVID school year

Navigating Back-to-School During COVID-19

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Covid-19 resources for teens & young adults

Charlie Health creates personalized IOP strategies using individual, group, and family therapy. Whether your mental health concerns started during the pandemic or were exacerbated during this time, your dedicated practitioner can help you identify your struggles and the best ways to cope with them.

Sharing in group sessions also places you with other teens or young adults like you who are struggling to process the pandemic.

Students wear a mask at the start of a new COVID school year

Pandemic mental health resources

Get actionable tips on how to identify pandemic-related mental health issues and navigate an uncertain world.

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How to Help Teens Process COVID Grief?

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The Collective Trauma of COVID-19

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Covid-19 & teen mental health research

Stay up-to-date on the latest research emerging in a post-Covid-19 world.