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Stress Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Stress is impossible to avoid completely, but learning how to handle high levels of stress is an important skill to master in life. 

Teen & young adult stress

When individual stressors add up, they turn into compounded stress that leads to overwhelming feelings. They can then manifest into both psychological and physical symptoms, such as irritability and anger, mood swings, sleeping problems, eating issues, or frequent sickness.

There are several types of stress a therapist can help diagnose, including acute stress, chronic stress, toxic stress, and even positive stress. The symptoms, frequency, and severity can help your practitioner accurately identify the type of stress and create a treatment plan.

Teen & young adult stress support

Learn more about the causes and symptoms of stress.

Teen & young adult stress treatment

Learning how to cope with stress can be a life changer, especially for teens and young adults who are having trouble navigating day-to-day tasks. In some cases, psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of the two can help overcome debilitating stress.

At Charlie Health we craft customized treatment plans that include individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. Our expert therapists help identify the root causes of stress and any other conditions that might come along with it.

Teen stressed in school

Processing Stress for teens & young adults

Learn basic strategies for managing stress at school, work and home.

Parent showing teen how to use the ACCEPT Skill

ACCEPTS: A Useful DBT Skill for Stress

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Young teen stressed out looking at her computer

How to Identify Stress in Young Teens

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Research on teen & young adult stress

Find out more about data-backed research on stress and related conditions.