Client Resources for Teens & Young Adults

You’re not alone in your mental health journey. Client resources are a cornerstone of the virtual IOP process and can be used by teen and young adult patients as well as family members.

Teen & young adult mental health

Charlie Health’s virtual intensive outpatient program comes with a lot of built-in support throughout each week. Group sessions, individual therapy, and family therapy all contribute to our patients’ long-term success.

But we also offer an extensive library of online client resources for extra support in between sessions. Get in-depth refreshers on the skills and techniques your practitioner recommends so you can incorporate them into your daily life. Need an emotional release in between appointments? Explore journaling prompts that help you express yourself on your terms.

No matter what level of support you need, our client resources are here to help.

Mental health tools for everyone

Journaling prompts and mindfulness exercises to improve well-being.

Teen & young adult mental health treatment

Charlie Health’s IOP sessions are comprehensive with individual, group, and family support. However, successfully using coping skills takes everyday practice. Our Client Resources help incorporate the skills you learn in your practitioner sessions into daily life.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But each day can feel a little better when you have a wide net of support resources to tap into when you need them the most.

Woman dealing with depression staring out the window

Practice DBT skills at home

Evidence-based tools for better communication and emotional regulation.

A teenager is on a walk with her mothers. She is using the PLEASE DBT Skill to prioritize self-care amid emotional overwhelm.

What is the PLEASE Skill and How Can It Help?

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A young woman with red hair sits in front of her computer next to a young man. She is smiling because she is in control of her emotions after using the check the facts DBT skill.

Check the Facts DBT

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Therapist teaching client how to use the DEARMAN DBT skill


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Teen & young adult mental health research

Get the most up-to-date resources for teens and young adults from our team of mental health experts.