Therapy Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Mental health conditions are common and therapy is an effective way for teens and young adults to navigate their issues, no matter how severe.

Teen & young adult therapy

Therapy comes with a range of benefits, both in the short-term and the long-term. Patients learn how to manage their mental health conditions and improve their self-awareness. They also learn coping skills and address any past trauma that may have lingering effects today.

While therapy historically took place in person, online therapy has become increasingly popular — and effective. It allows teens and young adults to maintain their daily life activities, while also discussing vulnerable topics in a safe space.

Teen & young adult therapy support

Discover more about different types of therapy and how they can help.

Teen & young adult therapy treatment

Each individual gets a personalized therapy treatment plan with Charlie Health. We provide a virtual intensive outpatient program, which offers more support than just weekly therapy sessions, but with more flexibility than an inpatient program.

Our clients experience a 91% decrease in higher care referral levels and a 79% drop in admissions to higher care. The structure of the program allows us to set individual, family, and group therapy goals to have the most significant impact possible.

Woman participating in online therapy

Using Therapy to Heal

Find out if therapy is right for you or someone you love.

Teen & young adult therapy research

Charlie Health regularly monitors ongoing research related to therapy, impact, and best practices.