Parenting Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Parental stress can be difficult to navigate, whether you’re trying to find the best mental health for your child or dealing with your challenges as a young parent.

Parenting teens & young adults

Parenting often feels difficult at any stage of life, especially when you’re learning how to navigate a teen or young adult struggling with mental health concerns. Charlie Health works with parents alongside their children to develop healthy parenting styles that are supportive rather than dismissive or critical.

It’s important to adjust both your parenting style and your child’s perception of your parenting style, particularly when they’re experiencing serious mental health challenges.

Support for parents of teens & young adults

Find insightful resources on parenting and mental health.

Treatment for teens & young adults

Parents are an integral part of the Charlie Health treatment plan. Family involvement is a leading indicator of treatment success. In addition to participation in family therapy sessions, parents can also receive support programming and special events from Charlie Health.

Get the tools you need to cope and support your child all from the comfort of home. Our virtual IOP model makes it easy for the family to maintain everyday life activities like work and school, while still getting access to top-quality mental health care.

Parent talking to their teen about mental health issues

Help for parents of teens & young adults

While Charlie Health focuses on teens and young adults, we take a holistic family approach to creating better outcomes for everyone.

Parenting research

Read more about how to support your child with evidence-based best practices.