Mental Health Resources

Teens and young adults facing mental health struggles get the level of support they need with Charlie Health’s virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Teen & young adult mental health

Learning how to accurately identify and navigate your mental health concerns is a crucial component of living a healthy, balanced life. There are many mental health resources available as a starting point in your journey and are most effective when paired with professional help from an experienced therapist.

Utilizing evidence-based care and life-saving research, Charlie Health starts each client relationship with a clinical consultation, followed by getting paired with a primary therapist and customized group. This approach is based on mental health best practices for teens and young adults.

Teen & young adult mental health support

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A young woman experiences glass child syndrome.

What is Glass Child Syndrome?

Sarah duRivage-Jacobs

Teen girl having trouble with her emotions

What Is Alexithymia?

Charlie Health Editorial Team

A young girl sits on her phone at the store. She feels like she has no motivation all of the time.

Why Do I Have No Motivation All the Time?

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A young woman lays in bed on her phone looking for mental health information and self-diagnosing on social media.

The Dangers of Self-Diagnosing

Ethan Cohen BSN, RN

Person sitting and thinking to help cope with what is happening in their life

What Are Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms?

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A person in a green shirt sitting in a row of friends smiles at the camera after learning skills to become more resilient.

What Are the 5 Skills of Resilience?

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An emotionally unstable individual sits on the ground

What Does it Mean to be Emotionally Unstable?

Charlie Health Editorial Team

A therapist talks to a teen about struggling with mental health

Teen Mental Health Fact Sheet

Alex Bachert, MPH

Woman practicing yoga to help with body neutrality

What is Body Neutrality?

Charlie Health Editorial Team

A meadow in spring with yellow flowers

Spring Season and Mental Health

Charlie Health Editorial Team

Female fell asleep while reading a book

Why is Sleep So Important?

Charlie Health Editorial Team

Teen & young adult mental health treatment

Charlie Health employs several treatment modalities based on individual clients’ mental health concerns. Methods may include cognitive behavioral therapy, compassion-focused therapy, exposure therapy, and more. Our expert therapists also incorporate art, music, and dance therapies for a truly holistic approach to mental health.

These methods work virtually, as well. Charlie Health has an 80% participation rate, which is well above industry averages in similar IOP programs. We are committed to positive mental health outcomes for our teen and young adult clients.

Teen girl looking at her phone

Getting mental health help

The first step to overcoming mental health issues is finding the right resources to guide you.

Teen & young adult mental health research

Find out the most recent mental health research, with expert analysis from the Charlie Health team.