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Growing up as a BIPOC teen or young adult may reveal inequities that are present in the traditional mental health field.

Teen & young adult BIPOC issues

BIPOC teens and young adults may feel isolated when mental health issues arise. Depending on where they live, they may not have an accessible support system, both in terms of professionals who look like them and in terms of being part of a group with similar life experiences.

From looking at racism as a form of trauma to better understanding health equity (and existing inequities), our library is a starting point for finding customized treatment from people who understand where you’re coming from.

Teen & young adult BIPOC mental health support

Charle Health’s resources for BIPOC youth are a welcome starting point to learn about how mental health impacts your life.

Teen & young adult BIPOC mental health treatment

Charlie Health helps BIPOC teens and young adults share their experiences within a supportive community. Facilitated groups are a core element of our virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP). Meeting weekly with BIPOC peers can be an instrumental part of the healing process.

Our team also includes therapists of color, who are both professionally and personally suited to create a safe environment for sharing during individual therapy sessions. By choosing Charlie Health as your virtual IOP, you’re not limited to the practitioners in your area; instead, you get a personalized experience that maximizes results.

A Black therapist holds a virtual therapy session for BIPOC youth

Teen & young adult BIPOC mental health resources

Explore our articles covering mental health for BIPOC youth.

Teen & young adult BIPOC mental health research

Read more about the most recent research on BIPOC mental health, including analysis by Charlie Health’s team of experts.