Trauma Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Trauma is an emotional response that can develop after a stressful experience or event that involves physical, emotional, or life-threatening harm.

About trauma

Traumatic events include (but are not limited to) being raped, living through a natural disaster, or getting in some type of accident. In the U.S. alone, over 70% of adults have experienced a traumatic event at least once.

Many trauma victims experience short-term and long-term symptoms. Immediately following the event, they may feel shock or be in denial. Over time, symptoms of trauma may develop into behavioral and physical health concerns. Flashbacks, relationship issues, mental health concerns, and chronic pain are all examples of potential long-term symptoms.

There are many treatments available that help teens and young adults overcome trauma. Therapy, including intensive outpatient therapy, teaches you to cope with your emotions and address other mental health issues caused by traumatic experiences. Incorporating ongoing self-care practices can also reduce the impact of trauma symptoms.

Types of trauma

There are several different types of trauma, including acute, chronic, and complex traumas. These resources can help you understand the symptoms associated with each one. While it’s best to reserve diagnosis for a professional therapist, it can be helpful to recognize the different types of experiences that lead to trauma.

Woman dealing with emotionally abusive boyfriend

Take This Emotional Abuse Quiz

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A mother is learning what not to say to her daughter who has PTSD.

Here’s What Not to Say to Someone With PTSD

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A young woman is experiencing a nightmare that may be PTSD night terrors.

Is It a Nightmare or PTSD Night Terror?

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A daughter and her dad are talking about family trauma.

Let’s Talk About Family Trauma

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Illustration of a girl in bed staring at her phone

Take This Childhood Trauma Quiz

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Two friends sit together with one of them trauma dumping about their traumatic experiences

What Even Is Trauma Dumping?

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Teen girl dealing with trauma

Trauma Response Quiz

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A young woman looks out of the window of her house. She has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What is PTSD?

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A man wearing a blue long sleeve shirt stands over the sink in his kitchen feeling overwhelmed as he deals with post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Types of PTSD

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A young woman looks out of the window in her home. She is in somatic therapy to address the somatic memories she is having.

An Introduction to Somatic Memory

Ethan Cohen BSN, RN

Couple bonding holding each other

What is Trauma Bonding?

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A young person stares at a computer screen in upset as they deal with the symptoms of emotional damage from past trauma.

What is Emotional Damage?

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A teen girl lays in her bedroom struggling with complex trauma

What is Complex Trauma?

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A young woman who feels out of her body stares out of her bedroom window

Why Do I Feel Out of My Body?

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A mom comforts her teen as they both struggle with ancestral trauma

What is Ancestral Trauma?

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A young teen sits at a desk in front of his computer

How Mass Violence Affects Teen Mental Health

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, DSW, LCSW

two women looking across a lake at a mountain talking about intergenerational trauma

What is Intergenerational Trauma?

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A Black male teen and a white female teen stand together talking about looking at things from the positive side

What Is Toxic Positivity?

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Trauma treatment for teens & young adults

Teens and young adults can reduce their trauma-related symptoms with a personalized treatment plan. Charlie Health has an experienced team of mental health professionals who will listen to your story and work to understand your situation to craft an appropriate care plan.

As a virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP) designed exclusively for teens and young adults, Charlie Health provides a personalized framework for trauma that includes supported groups, family therapy, and individual therapy.

two women looking across a lake at a mountain talking about intergenerational trauma

Processing trauma

Learn more about trauma, including what’s happening inside the body and opportunities to get the support you need. Our library of articles is a great starting point in getting better, whether you’re considering professional treatment or already enrolled in an IOP.

Trauma research

Discover the latest research on teen and young adult trauma from Charlie Health. You’ll learn helpful insights from our recent findings and realize you’re not alone on your journey to healing from trauma.