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Self-harm is a serious condition that involves a person purposely harming themselves.

Teen & young adult self-harm

Self-harm is a mental health condition that presents itself in several serious ways, including scratching, pulling out hair, picking at wounds, carving into the skin, piercing skin with sharp objects, and drinking toxic substances.

The reasons behind self-harm vary greatly. It could be a way to convert emotional pain into physical pain or to deal with heavy feelings of sadness. It may also be a coping mechanism for guilt, a form of self-punishment, or a way to escape from traumatic memories.

Teen & young adult self-harm support

Get support on how to recognize and navigate self-harm in teens and young adults.

Teen & young adult self-harm treatment

An intensive outpatient program can help stop the cycle of self-harm, while also addressing potential co-occurring mental health issues. Psychotherapy can be an effective way to process emotions and learn to cope with the emotions driving the self-harming practices.

The first step is to identify triggers to bring awareness to why you are feeling the negative emotions. It can also help to share your feelings within a safe environment. At Charlie Health, we facilitate both family therapy sessions and group therapy with other teens and young adults who are facing similar issues.

Teen struggling with self harm talks to parent

Getting help for teen & young adult self-harm

Explore different ways to heal from self-harming.

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How To Prevent A Self-Harm Relapse

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How to Stop Self-Harm Urges

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Teen & young adult self-harm research

Discover the latest news and research related to self-harm.