Self-Care Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Self-care is an empowering practice that should be incorporated into everyday life by teens and young adults.

Teen & young adult self-care

Self-care has become increasingly important for teens and young adults, who are facing more and more pressure in school and even at home. Anxiety, pandemic trauma, and perfectionist tendencies are common, which is why a consistent self-care routine is crucial.

A regular self-care practice can relieve stress and enable coping with emotions, both big and small. It can also improve self-esteem and help juggle the busy schedules that many youth deal with these days.

Teen & young adult self-care support

Get support with self-care techniques that can make a noticeable difference in your everyday life.

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Improving Your Mental Health

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Surviving the Holidays

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Teen & young adult self-care treatment

Self-care comes in many different forms. Exercise is a good starting point, especially for teens and young adults who spend a lot of time sitting in classrooms. It’s also important to have some self-compassion. Studies show this leads to better well-being. Take small steps by acknowledging your emotions, saying positive affirmations each day, and avoiding social comparison.

Therapy is another form of self-care because it releases negative energy and provides evidence-based coping mechanisms. For teens and young adults who need more support, Charlie Health’s intensive outpatient program offers that higher level of care in the form of individual therapy, family therapy, and group sessions.

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Healing with Self-Care for teens & young adults

Learn more about self-care habits you can cultivate at home.

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Empowering Teens With Self-Care

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Ways To Practice Self-Care as a Teen

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Teen & young adult self-care research

Find out the latest research on self-care benefits for teens and young adults.