School Resources for Teens & Young Adults

School stress can lead to or exacerbate more serious mental health concerns at all levels, including, middle school, high school, and college.

Teen & young adult mental health at school

From managing grades to navigating a complex social environment, school can be an extremely challenging time for teens and young adults. Bullying has severe effects in all age groups, while older college students may feel immense pressure from academics, sports, and Greek life.

Increasing mental health awareness in these environments is critical in ensuring students get access to the right level of care. A comprehensive support system can make a huge difference in the quality of life and other outcomes for teens and young adults.

Mental health resources for teens & young adult students

Discover best practices for understanding and coping with the unique challenges that arise in school environments.

Treatment for school-related mental health issues

A virtual intensive outpatient therapy program from Charlie Health can help address serious mental health concerns that don’t require residential care. Because our practitioners conduct their sessions online, you and your child can continue with everyday life activities, including continuing their studies at school.

Not only do our teen and young adult clients get weekly individual therapy, but we also facilitate family therapy sessions and group sessions so they can feel safe with a group of peers with similar experiences.

Student with hand on head dealing with stress from schoolwork

Healing for teens & young adults in school

Check out our guides on mental health awareness and coping mechanisms for several school-related issues.

School and mental health research for teens & young adults

Get updates on the latest research on schools and mental health for teens and young adults.