IOP Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Charlie Health’s intensive outpatient program is conducted virtually to ensure minimal disruption into other areas of our clients’ lives, like school and work.

Teen & young adult IOP

IOP is a form of behavioral healthcare that creates a more frequent therapy schedule compared to just weekly individual therapy sessions. It’s ideal for patients who don’t need the level of support of a residential program but still can benefit from more weekly touchpoints.

At Charlie Health, our virtual IOP includes curated groups, individual therapy, and family therapy throughout the week. IOP groups are determined by each client’s specific needs to help create a safe, supportive environment in which to share.

Teen & young adult IOP support

Learn more about how IOP works in different scenarios.

Teen & young adult IOP treatment

IOP can be successfully used to treat several mental health conditions. Get support with anxiety disorders, depression, dissociative disorders, gender identity and dysphoria, personality disorders, substance abuse, trauma, and addictions.

Each client receives a customized treatment plan using skills-based, experiential, and psychoeducational groups. Our experienced practitioners utilize clinical best practices in an online setting that allow our teen and young adult clients to continue their everyday lives at home.

Someone wearing headphones smiles while looking at their computer screen during an intensive outpatient program.

Application of IOP for teens & young adults

The length and intensity of a virtual IOP are assessed on an individual basis to maximize results.

Teen & young adult IOP research

Find out the latest studies on IOPs and their effectiveness on teens and young adults.