Anxiety Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Anxiety consists of a range of feelings, including worry, fear, and stress, plus physical reactions such as a racing pulse, sweating, shaking, or dizziness.

Teen & young adult anxiety

Anxiety becomes a severe mental health concern for teens and young adults when it starts to impact everyday life. It may be challenging to keep up with schoolwork and other responsibilities. On top of that, relationships may start to become strained.

People experiencing severe anxiety feel constantly on edge and are easily triggered into negative emotions. There are many potential causes of anxiety, including heredity and environmental factors.

Types of anxiety include obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, phobias, PTSD, and separation anxiety disorder.

Teen anxiety & mental health support

Learn more about different types of anxiety, causes, and treatment options.

A new mom is having signs of postpartum anxiety.

Signs of Postpartum Anxiety That You Should Know

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A person sits on a couch and puts her hand on her chest to calm shortness of breath during an anxiety spell.

Is It Shortness of Breath or Anxiety?

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Parents learn what not to say to their daughter who has OCD.

Here’s What Not to Say to Someone With OCD

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A young woman is using 5 tips to stop a panic attack.

Here’s 5 Tips to Stop a Panic Attack

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A young man is talking to his mother. He is experiencing violent thoughts that may be harm OCD.

Are Your Violent Thoughts Harm OCD?

Dr. Rasna Kaur Neelam

A young woman is experiencing how alcohol affects anxiety.

Here’s How Alcohol Affects Anxiety

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A new mom sits next to the crib of her recently born sleeping baby. She puts her hand on her forehand and closes her eyes in a moment of overwhelming worries about the baby's sleeping and eating. She is dealing with new mom anxiety.

How to Manage New Mom Anxiety

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A woman in a green shirt dealing with anxiety-induced dizziness looks out the window to calm herself.

Can Anxiety Cause Dizziness?

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A mother puts her hand on her daughter's head reassuringly. Her daughter has severe OCD but she is able to offer her comfort during treatment.

What is Severe OCD?

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A person in a blue sweatsuit grabs her hair as she deals with a silent anxiety attack.

Silent Anxiety Attacks

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A person in an orange jacket smiles after learning the tools to address her anxiety disorder.

Does Anxiety Go Away?

Ethan Cohen BSN, RN

Man sitting on his couch blowing his nose

Munchausen Syndrome: Definition, Causes & Facts

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Teen dealing with health anxiety

What is Health Anxiety?

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Teen struggling with anxiety over his schoolwork because of his dyslexia

The Relationship Between Dyslexia and Anxiety

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, DSW, LCSW

A picture of a person's hands picking at their fingernails because they are afraid of people

Is it Normal to be Afraid of People?

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Mother comforting teenager

List of Phobias: Common Fears and Symptoms

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teen looking outside worried because of his fear of the outdoors

Phobias 101

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A person sits on a bench reading a newspaper that is open and covering their face

Managing Headline Stress & News Anxiety

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Teen & young adult anxiety treatment

Both psychotherapy and medication may be used to treat anxiety issues in teens and young adults. Charlie Health creates a customized treatment plan to help identify negative thoughts and behaviors and learn how to navigate them.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective method and is frequently used as part of Charlie Health’s virtual intensive outpatient program (IOP). Our anxiety treatment framework includes group and family therapy sessions in addition to individual therapy.

Man dealing with anxiety

Teen & young adult anxiety resources

Discover more about the physical and mental impact anxiety can have on teens and young adults. Our resources help you learn the differences between certain types of anxiety, along with tips on how to cope on your own.

Teen and young adult anxiety research

Read the latest research and commentary from Charlie Health to get the most up-to-date take on anxiety.