Mindfulness & Wellness Resources for Teens & Young Adults

Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are all effective techniques in cultivating mental health wellness.

Teen & young adult mindfulness & wellness

The goal of mindfulness is to remain present in the moment. There are several benefits associated with mindfulness and wellness that improve mental health outcomes, including reducing stress, improving clarity, gaining insights, demonstrating compassion for others, and managing urges or cravings.

When used in conjunction with psychotherapy and/or medication (as needed), wellness practices can help teens and young adults cope with their mental health issues over time.

Teen & young adult mindfulness support

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Teen & young adult mindfulness & wellness treatment

At Charlie Health, our teen and young adult clients experience a multi-pronged approach to their mental health care treatment. Mindfulness techniques may be used in conjunction with other forms of therapy, including individual counseling, family therapy, and group sessions.

Your therapist can guide you through the best forms of treatment, such as meditation or yoga. With ongoing practice, you can add these as another layer of coping skills to your existing treatment plan.

Young person sits practicing mindfulness in nature

Teen & young adult mindfulness practices

Consult your Charlie Health practitioner for guidance on the best ways to incorporate mindfulness and wellness practices into your mental health care plan.

Teen & young adult mindfulness & wellness research

Get the latest data and study results on the impact of mindfulness on mental health and wellness.