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Celebrating Women's History Month 2022

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A statement from Carter Barnhart, CEO and Co-Founder of Charlie Health

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March 1, 2022
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Charlie Health is proud to be a female-founded company. Our commitment to empowering, uplifting, and caring for women--all women--is inherent to our mission, vision, and values. As a mental health care company dedicated to providing otherwise inaccessible care to youth and their families, we know that young people who are femme and/or who were assigned female at birth face unique challenges. This Women's History Month, we are ready to tackle these challenges by continuing to provide personalized care to those who need it most. Creating health care equity begins with acknowledging the facts. And the fact is that 1 in 5 teenage girls lived with major depression in the last year. At the same time, there was a 50% increase in girls being admitted to hospitals for suicide attempts between 2019 and 2021. This March, Women's History Month gives us an opportunity to honor those who came before us by caring for those who will come after.


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