A therapist learns about 5 reasons to join Charlie Health's Clinical Team.

5 Reasons to Join Charlie Health’s Clinical Team

January 15, 2024

4 min.

Four Charlie Health clinicians on what they love about working at Charlie Health and why you would, too.

By: Charlie Health Editorial Team


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Benefits and impact are top priorities when looking for a clinical job. At Charlie Health, those factors are a given; we offer clinicians competitive benefits packages and the tools to achieve industry-leading outcomes for populations most in need. 

However, when asked why they love working at Charlie Health, clinicians company-wide pointed to something else—the unrivaled camaraderie and support of our Clinical Team. From weekly expert supervision to flexible scheduling for life’s busy moments, Charlie Health clinicians feel supported day in and day out, every step of the way. 

Below, we delve into five things clinicians love about working at Charlie Health, which we think you’d love, too. 

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Become a Charlie Health clinician

Flexible scheduling, fully remote work, and expert supervision. 

Warm virtual environment

Since Charlie Health’s Clinical Team has been fully remote since the founding of the company, creating a welcoming virtual environment has always been a priority—not an afterthought. Before joining Charlie Health, Clinical Director Ann Matino, LCSW-S, one of the first members of the Clinical Leadership Team, hadn’t worked in a virtual-first environment. 

“One of the things that surprised me the most was how close our team feels to each other,” she said, noting that this connection has endured even as her team grew from three to 50-plus people. “You can see real appreciation and vulnerability in how people share during our team-wide meetings and give shout-outs over Slack.” 

Regular expert supervision

Every Charlie Health clinician meets with their supervisor weekly, but support extends well beyond those conversations. 

“I message my supervisor multiple times every day and never go unheard or unaddressed,” said Primary Therapist Elizabeth Garcia, LCSW, adding that if her supervisor is unsure about a question, she always knows who to direct her to. Primary Therapist Gini Billingsley, LPC, echoed a similar sentiment: “If I ask my supervisor a question, I know I’ll get an answer from her or someone she connects me with. I feel 100 percent supported.” 

Supervisors say the virtual environment is actually more conducive to regular support. “I’m able to be right there for my clinicians. I can hop in on a session with them or debrief a crisis right after it happens,” said Clinical Supervisor Tracye Freeman Valentine, LPC-MHSP, whose previous in-person supervisory roles required her to drive long distances to meet with clinicians between sessions. “Since I’m working with them day in and day out, I always know what’s going on.”

Collaborative clinical approach

Working with high acuity patients can require more clinical touchpoints, which is why Charlie Health takes a collaborative approach to care. For instance, Billingsley once met with people across the Clinical Leadership Team for guidance on a complex case. 

“It was helpful to hear peoples’ different viewpoints and get feedback,” she said. “I was relieved not to be in it alone.” In addition to colleagues and leadership, clinicians can collaborate with other team members when they (or a client) need extra support, like Crisis Managers, who ensure client safety. 

“If I have a client in crisis, it’s not solely on my shoulders; there’s a team of support,” said Garcia. 

“One of the things that surprised me the most about Charlie Health was how close our team feels to each other. You can see real appreciation and vulnerability in how people share during team meetings and give shout-outs over Slack.”

—Ann Matino, LCSW-S, Clinical Director

Opportunities to learn and grow

Clinical development training, free continuing education credits, and cross-licensure support are just a few growth opportunities clinicians raved about. “There are so many opportunities,” said Freeman Valentine, who started at Charlie Health as a clinician before assuming her current role and is on the road to cross-licensure in eight states. 

Billingsley has also received cross-licensure in several states and said she wouldn’t be able to without the help of Charlie Health. “It would have been too much paperwork to worry about on my own, but Charlie Health does everything for you, and you just have to follow the steps.”

Flexible scheduling for work-life balance 

Most Charlie Health clinicians have several “peak clinical hours” each day when they need to be available to clients. Otherwise, they get to set their own schedules. Every clinician we spoke with said this flexibility is one of their favorite parts of the job and enables them to have a better work-life balance. 

Billingsley, for instance, was able to take on homeschooling her daughter and attending weekly church meetings, and Matino makes time to travel and visit her adult children across the country.

“The customization in hours is great because I know my energy levels and have control over adding breaks when I need them,” said Garcia, adding that people respect the clinical hours others set. “When I’m off, I’m off.”

Join Charlie Health’s Clinical Team

If you’re passionate about making an impact on the national mental health crisis and are motivated by a desire to learn and grow, apply to join the Charlie Health team today. We have nationwide openings for clinicians across the spectrum of licensure and offer flexible scheduling, fully remote work, and other competitive benefits. Together, we can provide the world with life-saving mental healthcare. 

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