Carter Barnhart

CEO and Co-Founder

After struggling with mental health challenges for years following a sexual assault in her early teen years, Carter Barnhart knew she needed help. With the love and support of her family, she was admitted to Newport Academy, a teen residential treatment program, to help her heal from the aftermath of trauma. The personal, attentive, and top-notch care that Carter received while at Newport inspired her to want to provide the same service to others. Two years after her discharge, Carter joined Newport’s team as one of its earlier employees and worked her way up into the C-suite, growing Newport and learning along the way how vitally important personalized care is in the journey toward healing and recovery with mental health issues.

But Carter also recognized the critical failures within the broader landscape of mental health care: lack of access to continuum of care services, exorbitant costs, months-long waitlists, boilerplate treatment options that lacked tailoring based on individual needs. Carter has had the privilege of being a part of over 10,000 patient success stories, but she knew too many remained without access to the care they deserved.

Carter founded Charlie Health to ensure that youth and families everywhere can experience high-quality, evidence-based treatment. The youth mental health crisis is urgent–Charlie Health is leading this battle, reminding youth and families that support is available and healing is possible.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of passionate, forward-thinking mental health experts that are committed to delivering quality, accessible care to teens, young adults, and families

Clinical Leadership

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, DSW, LCSW

Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Dakota Carter, M.D.

Medical Director

Ann Matino, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director

Ellen Broxmeyer, LCSW, CPHRM

Chief Compliance Officer

NaKeya Ashe, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director

Shawnna Punteney, MS, LPC

Clinical Director

Lynette Belknap-Williams, MA, LPC, LCPC

Clinical Director

Maggie Vitello, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director

Ley Cray, Ph.D

Director of LGBTQIA+ Programming

Engagement Team

Laura Sebulsky, MBSR

Regional Director of Outreach, Pacific Northwest

Andrew Swartz

Director of Outreach, AZ

Maren Stubenvoll

Outreach Manager, Pacific Northwest

Geanne Weaver-Hepler

Director of Outreach, TX

Amber Buchanan, MBA

Director of Outreach, TX

Hillary Wylie

Outreach Manager, TX

Elizabeth McLister

Regional Director of Outreach, Mid-Atlantic

Adriane Lee

Director of Outreach, PA

Chelsey Whilding

Outreach Manager, WA


Julian Cohen, MPH

Senior Vice President of Behavioral Health at Hims & Hers

Ann Hiatt

Executive Coach and Leadership Strategist at Ann Hiatt Consulting

Harrison Frist

Chief Operating Officer at naviHealth

Stephen Klasko, MD

President & CEO at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

A.J. Schreiber

President & CEO at Juvo Autism and Behavioral Health Services

Jim Weinstein, DO

Senior Vice President & Head of Innovation and Health Equity at Microsoft Healthcare

Our clinical program has reimagined the delivery of evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health treatment. Youth and families across the country are in crisis. Rates of youth depression, anxiety, and suicide are staggering. At Charlie Health, we're able to provide families with an appropriate level of care for their needs, dramatically reducing rates of emergency room visits and admissions to inpatient care facilities.

Dr. Caroline Fenkel, LCSW
Chief Clinical Officer and Co-founder


Our team is comprised of passionate, forward-thinking mental health experts that are committed to delivering quality, accessible care to teens, young adults, and families

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