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A teenage female sits on her couch at home on her computer. She is in Charlie Health's virtual IOP.

How Charlie Health Changed My Life

4 min.

Charlie Health’s virtual Intensive Outpatient Program helps young people make lasting changes in their relationships, mental health, and sense of self. Here, over a dozen clients reflect on how Charlie Health changed their lives.

By: Charlie Health Editorial Team

Clinically Reviewed By: Don Gasparini Ph.D., M.A., CASAC

September 28, 2023


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Here at Charlie Health, we know that receiving personalized, intensive mental healthcare can be life-changing—research shows that after completing our Intensive Outpatient Program, clients report significant decreases in self-harm, depression symptoms, and suicidal ideation. Measuring the day-to-day impacts of these changes, though, is more challenging. After all, personal growth is just that: personal. 

To learn more specifics of how Charlie Health has changed clients’ lives, we asked them directly. Their answers touch on how our virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) changed their relationships, coping strategies, and sense of self. Keep reading to learn how Charlie Health changed over a dozen clients’ lives. 

“Charlie Health changed my perspective on myself. I went in thinking this program would fix me, and I realized halfway through that nobody was going to fix me. There’s nothing to be fixed. I am just here to help myself, and Charlie Health is here to provide me with the resources to do so. That felt eye-opening.” —Siobhan, 24 

“I was struggling with my body image and self-worth, but the therapists at Charlie Health helped me realize my worth.” —Madelyn, 14

A female teenager sits in her class at school. She is smiling and feels like herself again because of Charlie Health's vIOP.

“Before Charlie Health, I felt worthless and hopeless, like my friends and family would be better off without me. I’ve been in and out of therapy for 15 years, but Charlie Health was the first time in my life I was provided with the skills I needed to combat and challenge these big feelings. This program changed the way I perceive myself and the world around me.” —Camilla, 29 

“Charlie Health has completely changed my view of myself. I’ve learned to love myself.” —Cassidy, 20

“Before Charlie Health, no one was able to help me find any solutions to my extreme panic attacks. After treatment, I went from having panic attacks several times a week without any coping skills to having panic attacks once a week or less with strategies to use.” —Julia, 19 

“For a long time, I’ve struggled with self-harm issues and suicidal thoughts. Charlie Health taught me how to resist my urges to self-harm.” —Alice, 15

“Charlie Health has been life-changing for me. After two weeks, I already noticed a difference in my mood and how I processed things. I’ve been told I’m more empathetic, and I am more steady when something that would usually set me off happens.” —Nicholas, 20

“During treatment, I found kids in my group who I could relate to. Charlie Health helped me realize that I’m not alone.” —Ashlyn, 13

“Before Charlie Health, I was not in a very good relationship. It took a huge toll. After treatment, I met up with my ex, and he said he wanted to get back together, but I told him I didn’t trust him in the way I needed for a relationship. I never expected myself to be able to stick up for myself, and it definitely showed how much I changed through Charlie Health.”  —Victoria, 19 

“Charlie Health has given me emotional regulation skills. My stressors are still there, but how I react is completely different. It feels so good to have agency over my emotions, that’s something I’ve never felt before.” —Kaylor, 26 

“I came into Charlie Health very sick and concerned about my future. After only a week of treatment, I was already using new skills and connecting with group members in healthy ways. I am confident that Charlie Health is the primary reason I have been able to make positive changes to my life and continue living every day to its fullest.” —Sydney, 20

“When I first started Charlie Health, I didn’t love myself, and I didn’t see a point in life. After giving this program a try, I started to see a change in the way I think and the way I feel about myself.” —Anonymous, 19

“Charlie Health has changed my view on group sessions and their benefits to the healing and self-discovery journey. I learned so much from listening to others and providing them feedback that I also needed to hear myself. I am leaving treatment more clear, balanced, and confident than when I came in.” —Kiana, 33 

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