Our Unique Care Model

Charlie Health’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combines supported groups, family therapy, and individual therapy into a series of personalized sessions multiple times per week. Charlie Health’s experts use research to address mental health struggles at their roots.

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Please contact our outreach and admissions teams below for any questions about referring patients to our programs or about the admissions process.

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Carter Barnhart

CEO & Co-Founder

“Personalized mental healthcare saved me when I was a teen. It’s my mission to make that same care accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

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We partnered with researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and published peer-reviewed data on the effectiveness of virtual Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)

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Virtual Care

Charlie Health is working to end the youth mental health crisis by collaborating with local providers who closely understand the needs of their communities. This knowledge allows us to fundamentally reimagine how healthcare is delivered. Our virtual-first model is creating connections and healing families through life-saving intensive mental healthcare for teens and young adults.

Our first-of-its-kind platform allows clients to access intensive mental healthcare from home. Our highly curated groups, flexible scheduling, and community partnerships are just some of the vital components we use to empower families with agency over their healing journey.”

We pride ourselves on having no waitlists and making immediate connections with our patients. Everyone deserves to be empowered and loved.

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For general questions about Charlie Health’s services and programs, please contact:

Pacific Northwest, Colorado, New York, Ohio – Laura Sebulsky ([email protected])

Southwest, California, Utah – Andrew Swartz ([email protected])

Texas – Amber Buchanan ([email protected])

Midwest, Southeast – Andrea Abbott ([email protected])

Mid-Atlantic – Liz McLister ([email protected])