Mental Health and Wellness: Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Learn about the different types of yoga that can benefit your overall mental health.

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Improving Your Mental Health

If you're navigating a difficult situation, living with a mental health condition, or looking to improve your wellness, here's how to care for your mental health.

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10 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong Throughout the Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, you might be feeling anxious and stressed. It's important to pay attention to your mental health during the holidays.

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Creating a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

The holiday season can be stressful. However, Charlie Health is here to help you prioritize your well-being during this season with helpful tips to relax and enjoy.

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Empowering Teens With Self Care

Self-care is an essential aspect of everyday life, especially when it comes to your mental health. Read more about how self-care can assist in empowering your teens.

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Spring Season and Mental Health

The changing of the seasons and the start of the warmer months is generally associated with growth, rebirth, and a frenzy of flowers pushing out of the barren, thawing, soil. We see shining faces and blue skies across all media platforms, claiming that simple #springcleaning is the key to mental well-being and a sunny disposition. However, the changing of the seasons is not the end all cure for seasonal depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. In fact, the spring and early summer months see the highest rates of suicide, and many people experience increased depression and anxiety.

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Why is Sleep So Important?

Sleep is an essential component of our physical and mental health that allows our bodies to rest and recharge. A healthy sleep schedule can be challenging while juggling the responsibilities and pressures of the day. Nonetheless, it is critical to prioritize how and when you sleep in order to improve the quality of your mood and the productivity of your day.

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A Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practice is the utilization of various tools and techniques that train the brain to arrive in a mindful state. The practice emphasizes non-judgment, non-attachment, as well as acceptance of the entire journey even when it is challenging. For those who are new to mindfulness practices, know that with consistency the experience will gradually come with more ease. That said, even with regular practice, some days will be more difficult and others more accessible.

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