A person learns the 6 reasons to join Charlie Health's Clinical Outreach Team.

6 Reasons to Join Charlie Health’s Clinical Outreach Team

February 16, 2024

5 min.

Four Charlie Health Clinical Outreach members share why they love being a part of the team.

By: Charlie Health Editorial Team


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Do you dream of a career where you can truly make a difference in people’s lives by connecting them with the life-saving mental health care they need? If so, the Clinical Outreach Team at Charlie Health may be the place for you.

This is a team where employees are super passionate about what they do –– and that’s just one of the many reasons why they love working at Charlie Health. On top of great benefits (a wellness stipend, 401K match, paid parental and caregiver leave, and more), there are so many upsides to being a part of the team. 

Read on to learn six reasons why members of the clinical outreach team love their job.

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Join our Clinical Outreach Team

Supportive teammates, room for growth, and mission-driven work.

1. Mission-driven work

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that Charlie Health is on a mission to help young people in crisis –– and this informs the Clinical Outreach Team’s work. You aren’t working just to work. You’re working because you care about a cause, multiple team members say.

“One of the main reasons I love working at Charlie Health is because it’s such a mission-driven company,” says Savannah Crippen, a Clinical Outreach Manager. “Charlie Health is on a mission to end the young adult suicide crisis, and every single person who gets hired here has a deep drive to see that mission come to fruition.”

Crippen notes that most people on the team have a distinct “why” — the reason “why” they’re passionate about the mission. For her, it’s that she lost a friend in high school to suicide and that her dad battled with substance use disorder from the age of 12 to 38. “Charlie Health serves people as young as 11, so I can’t help but wonder, what would life have been like if my dad had access to positive coping skills rather than turning to the bottle for all of his worries?”

2. You get to help your community

When you join the Clinical Outreach Team, you are working within your state or region. So, while you’re supporting Charlie Health as a whole and working towards the overall mission, you are directly serving your community. “Working on this team gives you the ability to show up for your community when they need it and where they need it,” says Kate Taylor, a Clinical Outreach Manager. 

A young adult male joins Charlie Health's virtual IOP from the comfort of his home.

Understanding Charlie Health’s Mission

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Taylor shares that her community is very rural, made up of many people who are Native Americans or from other marginalized backgrounds. Before Charlie Health, teens or young adults in her community who were in inpatient care had no way to have aftercare or a smooth transition out of it. “Charlie Health has just been this remarkable resource that my community has really embraced because it is just so accessible. We are able to close that gap in care and provide something to the community that we previously really just did not have,” she says.

3. The team is tight-knit and supportive 

Despite being spread out across the country, the Clinical Outreach Team is tight-knit. “One thing I love is how much culture we’ve been able to build in a virtual space. I know some of my team members here more intimately than I’ve known people I previously worked with for years,” says Art Estrada, a Regional Director of Clinical Outreach. “Charlie Health is very intentional about building culture, camaraderie, and a sense of community within the organization.”

Estrada says Charlie Health and the Clinical Outreach Team are big on “Slack culture” to communicate, collaborate, and connect. Taylor echoes this sentiment. “We’re very active in Slack, constantly sharing wins, calling out each other’s strengths, sharing strategies, and checking in with how everyone’s doing,” she says. Additionally, she shares that if someone is struggling with a personal problem, team members are always willing to step in to take some work off their plate to help them out. 

4. There’s a clear path for growth

If your goal is to advance and grow in your career, the Charlie Health Clinical Outreach Team is perfect for you. “We have a clear-cut plan for career advancement for outreach members,” says Estrada. He adds that the metrics that are important for growth are very clear, so you can have your sights set on the exact key performance indicators you need to reach your career goals –– there are no secrets, and you’ll never be left in the dark wondering when you’ll reach the next level, he explains.

5. You can choose your career path

On top of the clear path for career advancement, there are two different tracks you can choose from within the Clinical Outreach Team: one offers growth as an individual contributor, the other as a team manager. “You get to decide how you want to grow,” explains Crippen. 

Charlie Health understands that not everyone wants to manage a team, and you don’t have to be a people manager in order to get promoted. But, if you do want to lead a team, you absolutely have that opportunity, too. Either way, you have a chance to grow in the direction that you choose. That means you get to experience and enjoy growth within the company on your own terms.

6. Employees are seen and heard

Sadly, many people have had the experience of feeling like their ideas and opinions don’t matter at work. According to the Clinical Outreach Team, this is absolutely not the case at Charlie Health. 

“I feel seen, and I feel heard at this company. I love that my ideas matter,” says Amanda Davison, a Director of Clinical Outreach. “There have been multiple ideas that I’ve had where I’ve said, ‘Why don’t we look at it this way?’ or ‘How can we fix this?’ and they’re very receptive to look into it and dive into it deeper.”  

Join Charlie Health’s Clinical Outreach Team

If you’re passionate about making an impact in the mental health space and are motivated by a desire to learn and grow, apply to join the Charlie Health team today. We have nationwide Clinical Outreach openings for people of all skill and experience levels. Enjoy wellness benefits, a clear path for growth, and supportive teammates. You can make a difference by providing people with the life-saving care that they need. 

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