Family Support Groups

In addition to weekly family therapy, we offer a wide variety of weekly family support groups as a supplement to our virtual Intensive Outpatient Program.

Family support: the key to success

Family participation in IOP is the leading indicator of your loved one’s treatment success. During their time in treatment at Charlie Health, it’s critical that your loved one knows that you are as committed to their success and healing as they are. 

Family support at Charlie Health includes family therapy, family support programming, and special events. Our clinicians are routinely trained in leading evidence-based family therapy treatment techniques and have the opportunity to consult frequently with family therapy experts.


We’re here to help you and your family every step of the way with tools to help you learn how to best support your loved one–and care for yourself. 

Our family support groups are developed to support family members of our clients, including support, education, skills, and self care groups.

“It only takes one caring adult to improve the life of someone who is struggling."

-Kira Torre MS, LMFT, Director of Family Programming

Family support groups

We offer over a dozen weekly family support groups led by experts in family mental health and connection.

Some of the free family support groups we offer include: 

Family and Caregiver Support Group

For parents, grandparents, or guardians of teens and young adults who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders.

LGBTQIA+ Parenting 101

Dispelling myths and grow our knowledge of topics including LGBTQIA+ history, gender, pronouns, relationships, and more.

Mindful Communication for Families

A weekly opportunity for family members of Charlie Health clients to learn effective and mindful communication skill

A dad and his teen son sit next to each other on the same computer, smiling

Understanding Loss: Grief Support

Join our group dedicated to parents and caregivers who are navigating loss. 

Parent Support for Families of Color

For parents, grandparents, and guardians of teens and young adults who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders.

A dad in a plaid shirt and a mom in a striped shirt sit with their young daughter on a couch with a laptop, laughing.
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About our Director of Family Programming:

Kira Torre is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has been working Behavioral and Mental Health since 2005. Graduating from California State University Sacramento with a Master’s of Science in Marriage Family and Child Counseling, her focus on family dynamics and healthy relationships has helped countless families over the course of her career.

Currently serving as Director of Family Therapy Programming at Charlie Health, her role allows her to impact the health and wellness of families from across the country. She is knowledgeable in teen behavioral problems, substance abuse, and family relationships and loves to help families find their way back to trust and communication.

To learn more about our family therapy and family support programs, please contact Kira Torre MS, LMFT, Director of Family Programming at

Disorders Treated by


Disorders Treated by

Family support groups

Disorders Treated by

Family support groups

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