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Growing Your Sales Career at Charlie Health

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Five Clinical Outreach team members on growing their sales careers at Charlie Health.

By: Charlie Health Editorial Team

February 23, 2024


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Are you currently pursuing a career in sales but looking for a change? Maybe you want to grow your skills or flex your sales muscles in a different way. Or, maybe you want to make the transition from a more traditional sales role into the mental health telehealth space.

Either way, Charlie Health is an excellent place to grow your sales career alongside a supportive team and leadership on the Clinical Outreach Team. Not to mention, when you’re a Charlie Health employee, you’re an integral part of an important mission to help save lives. What could be more rewarding than that?

After speaking to five members of the clinical outreach team, here are seven ways you can grow your sales career at Charlie Health. 

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1. Career advancement is clear-cut

At other companies, you might constantly wonder if there’s room for growth. However, this is not the case at Charlie Health, where everyone on the Clinical Outreach Team has a clear career advancement path. 

“The path for growth is very clear. If you are driven by advancement, the writing is right in front of you,” said Kate Taylor, a Clinical Outreach Manager. She noted that team members receive documents outlining goals they need to achieve for growth. No guesswork here!

“Everyone usually starts out as an account manager or as an outreach manager, and then you’ll move onto a senior manager once you hit a specific metric or goal,” says Art Estrada, a Regional Director of Clinical Outreach. “Then there’s continued focus on advancement based on continuing to increase your metrics and grow your outreach efforts.” 

2. There are multiple avenues for growth

There are two main tracks you can choose to grow on the Clinical Outreach Team. “If you want to grow as a people leader, it’s one track, and if you want to grow as an individual contributor, it’s a different track,” explained Clinical Outreach Manager Savannah Crippen. “Both paths are based on metrics, but you get to decide where you want to go.” In essence, you can grow your sales career in the direction of your choice. 

3. You can forge your own path

There might even be a path for growth that you didn’t know was there to begin with. This was the case for Toni Brooks, a Community Liaison Manager, who spearheaded a new initiative with her team. 

When she first came on board the Nevada Clinical Outreach team, the market was “freezing cold,” and she helped to build it from the ground up. “I made sure that it was always at the forefront that I had a lot of leadership and sales experience in conjunction with relationship management and leadership, doing things with high volume and high efficiency,” she shares. 

This effort and passion didn’t go unnoticed by leadership. “Our vice president is very dedicated to ensuring that people can work within their space of genius,” says Brooks. “They wanted to devise a way to utilize my talents by launching this new department. They allowed me to build and launch the training with initial team members, and now we’re growing this thing together.”

4. Benefit from startup culture

Since Charlie Health is a fast-growing startup, there’s plenty of room for growth—both as a team member (as Brooks explained) and as an individual. Estrada said that Charlie Health is passionate about employees’ internal development. “One thing I love about Charlie Health is they’re really big on identifying talent internally to help promote that growth,” he says. “That’s very encouraging for anyone who’s looking to join the team and grow within the organization.”

5. Explore additional initiatives outside of sales

On top of growing your sales skills, working at Charlie Health will give you the unique opportunity to explore initiatives outside of sales as well, if you so choose. “We get these opportunities to flex different skills,” says Taylor. “For example, I co-host our Suicide Survivor Support Group for the community at large twice monthly.” 

Amanda Davison, a Regional Territory Director of Clinical Outreach, echoes this sentiment. She is extremely passionate about mental health and wanted to work with new hires with the “Why Training,” which helps people dive into the “why” behind why they work at Charlie Health and why they’re passionate about the cause. “I asked to help with our ‘Why Training,’ and I’ve been doing it now for about a year. I was really impressed with how receptive they were when I asked them to do it.” 

“Leadership wanted to devise a way to utilize my talents by launching a new department. They allowed me to build and launch the training with initial team members, and now we’re growing this thing together.”

—Toni Brooks, Community Liaison Manager

6. Bring a more humanistic approach to sales

Sometimes, when working in sales, people may get so caught up in numbers and pushing products that they forget how to connect on a deeper level. When working with Charlie Health, due to the nature of the business, “sales” conversations can be deeper and more vulnerable.

“Being a part of Charlie Health has provided a major upgrade in my sales skills because I am able to approach it from a more human standpoint. That’s how people will want to buy things from you, whether it be a service or anything else, by leading with being human first,” Brooks says. “We have the quality of product, which you can see through our outcomes, but knowing how to skillfully act in your humanity to connect with other people is an invaluable skill.”

7. Transition from traditional sales into something that feels more meaningful

If there’s one thing the team members agree on, it’s that the work they do is meaningful and important. So, if you feel like you’re lacking purpose in your sales career, pivoting into the mental health space could be incredibly rewarding for you. 

For instance, Crippen’s passion is providing care to people in need. “Living in your purpose every day is so meaningful,” she says. “People in sales roles might be selling a device or a service. There are a million different things that you can sell, but I don’t think you’re ever going to find a more fulfilling role with a sales background than this.”

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