Individual therapy for teens & young adults

Individual therapy, in addition to group and family therapy, provides 1:1 support for teens and young adults struggling with mental health and substance use.

Personalized mental health support

We match clients and their families with primary therapists that specialize in their needs. Individualized support as a supplement to IOP group therapy allows space for clients to privately process their experiences, challenges, and discoveries.

In addition to individual support from primary therapists, clients have access to psychiatric care and on-going medication management, if needed. During the initial clinical consultation, our team can schedule psychiatric appointments within 48 hours and will continue to monitor the need for psychiatric care throughout treatment.

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Flexible & forward-looking

Everything we do is geared towards identifying the underlying issue and working with clients to process challenges and develop productive coping strategies. We strive to find the right combination of treatment and support. Each client has individualized needs and requires individualized treatment plans. During the admissions process, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure each client is receiving care that meets their specific needs and goals.

We work closely with our clients and families to meet their goals

Throughout treatment, weekly individual support is provided to all clients and families. Upon completion of the IOP program, our primary therapists are able to continue working with clients on an individual basis if they do not already have an outside therapist or until our team is able to successfully match them with on-going support.

Our team works closely with clients and families to provide them with accessible resources they will need in order to continue on their healing path. Every alumni of our program is invited to join weekly group sessions to reconnect with their peers and therapists.

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