Family therapy for teens, young adults, & caregivers

Our program is designed to bring families together through evidence-based practices that foster healthy communication and emotional processing.

Family involvement is critical in the healing process

To lay the foundation for a successful path to recovery, every family member needs to participate in their loved's ones journey. Family therapy is a critical component of our IOP. By educating families as a unit, we provide the essential tools and support needed in order to understand, connect, and allow for a path towards mental wellbeing.

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We provide parent coaching and parent support groups

Our parent-to-parent support groups offer education and guidance in a safe, supportive environment. We also provide parents with one-on-one support to process resentments and traumas. Separately, we guide our young clients on how to identify triggers and develop emotional regulation skills. We then bring our families into sessions together to strengthen the relationships and build on our toolbox of strategies.

Family challenges we can support:

• Family conflict
• Coping skills
• School refusal
• Conflicts over screen time, friend groups, or curfews
• Tantrums, screaming arguments
• Difficulty with homework or responsibilities

How you and your family will benefit: 

• Experience fewer outbursts and more opportunities for problem solving
• Learn to self-regulate and gain a sense of personal responsibility for emotions
• Develop a method for troubleshooting family struggles and understand which skills to draw on when new problems arise
and know which skills to use to solve new problems as they arise
• Learn how to work with each other, instead of against each other
• Feel comfortable discussing challenges, discoveries, and accomplishments openly and honestly without withdrawing or reacting

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