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One in five New Yorkers experiences mental illness in a given year.

In New York, 92% of Charlie Health clients with severe depression saw improvements in their symptoms.

What is IOP?

Intensive outpatient programming (IOP) is a level of behavioral healthcare that is typically more structured and intensive than traditional weekly therapy.

The goal of IOP is to provide individuals with the support and treatment they need to manage their mental health issues and achieve lasting recovery, while still allowing them to maintain their daily routines and responsibilities.

Curated groups

By bringing young people with similar mental health challenges together, we’re able to create group environments where clients can learn how to build connections and foster long-term healing.

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Individual therapy

One-on-one connections are critical to the IOP model, which is why each client’s unique treatment plan includes a primary therapist for weekly individual sessions.

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Family therapy

The #1 predictor of success in IOP is family involvement. Our virtual intensive outpatient program’s family therapy component teaches communication and coping skills to create a more supportive home environment both during and after treatment.

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Who is IOP for?

Young people with ongoing mental health issues or in a mental health crisis:

IOP is designed for individuals who need more treatment andsupport than can be provided through once-weekly therapy, but who do not require the level of care provided through residential or inpatient treatment.

Life-saving mental health treatment when you need it most

Young people in crisis are struggling to find the mental health treatment they need. At Charlie Health, we’re creating serious, effective, and accessible solutions.

Our treatment programs, including our virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), combine personalized care with peer connection to foster long-term healing.

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Exceptional Outcomes

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In their words

What our clients say

“I now have the resources and skills I need to leave my house.”

I have dealt with severe anxiety my whole life. It didn't start affecting me until this past year when I developed agoraphobia, which led to me being fully home-bound. I was depressed that I was missing out on everyday teen things, and anxious every time I thought about leaving my home. It wasn't until I started going to groups at Charlie Health that I started to gain the confidence to start exposure therapy and begin my recovery journey. In only 3 months of being at Charlie Health, I was able to go on a 7-hour car ride with my family. After Charlie Health, I now have the resources and skills I need to leave my house and feel comfortable to be a functioning member of society.

—Charlie Health Alum

“I feel like a different person .”

Charlie Health got me out of an incredibly traumatic and stressful period of my life and I feel like a different person after it.

—Charlie Health Alum

“Charlie Health helped me realize that the good does exist.”

It's really frustrating that finding help is a lot of trial and error, but what Charlie Health helped me realize that the good does exist. There is always good in advocating for yourself and putting in the time for how you want to live your life, but sometimes you need outside resources to help you realize your worth when life feels like it's too much to handle. I wish I could stay in Charlie Health forever. The group members and overall atmosphere was something I've never experienced but am so grateful to have come across.

—Rachel P.

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