Virtual Mental Health Resources for Parents & Caregivers

As a parent, you know when your child needs help. Charlie Health simplifies the process with virtual care plans and flexible scheduling.

Who we serve

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Are you wondering, “Where can I find an IOP for my teen?”

Charlie Health’s virtual IOP is designed for teens who have been admitted to the ER in the past, are stepping out of a residential program, or who could use more support than once-weekly therapy. Charlie Health uses a unique peer-matching program along with an experienced clinical team to create a personalized treatment plan for every client and family.

In addition to being matched with a trained therapist based on your teen’s individual needs, clients are also placed into a curated group with peers who are experiencing similar mental health challenges.

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Experienced practitioners for personalized support

Our clinical team is comprised of providers who specialize in evidence-based, trauma-informed practices. Our virtual adolescent IOP will help them to identify root causes and sustainable solutions for their mental health

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Connect with peers in groups

At Charlie Health, we firmly believe that community and connection are an integral part of mental health care, particularly for teens. In addition to individual therapy, our clients are also matched into curated groups with shared backgrounds to reduce feelings of isolation while growing together.

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Individual therapy matched for your teen’s needs

Individual therapy is one of the core components of Charlie Health’s care model. By working one-on-one with a therapist, your teen has a safe space to discuss both current issues and past traumas. Regularly scheduled virtual sessions help to identify the root causes of your child’s struggles, then identify solutions for specific mental health diagnoses.

Your teen gets matched with a primary therapist who specializes in their needs. Instead of trying therapist after therapist before any progress is made, you can feel confident that you already have the right clinician to support your teen throughout the healing process.

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Family therapy for holistic healing

Your teen may not be the only one who needs support. By incorporating family therapy into the overall care plan, your entire family can benefit from conflict mediation, anger management, and other family-based skills. Every family goes through challenges in life, and Charlie Health works with the entire family system, including offering free IOP resources for parents.

Life-changing results

Choosing Charlie Health for your teen provides a sustainable solution to their mental health challenges. Our IOP is completely virtual, making it easy for your teen to regularly attend and do the internal work necessary to heal. There’s no excessive traveling or scheduling constraints, and instead of continually checking into emergency departments that are often ill-equipped to handle a mental health crisis, your teen receives the specialized care they deserve.

Here are some of the outcomes our clients have reported:


Self-harm reduction


Depression symptom reduction


Suicidal ideation reduction

Additionally, 90% of patients or caregivers would recommend Charlie Health to family and friends.

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Comprehensive mental health treatment from home

90% of Charlie Health clients and their families would recommend Charlie Health