Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

Enrolling in young adult IOP with Charlie Health gives you the level of virtual care you need while still maintaining your everyday responsibilities.

Personalized support for young adults

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Our young adult IOP services are designed for individuals who are in their late teens through late 20s. The Charlie Health Care Team provides support no matter where you are in life. Oftentimes, weekly therapy sessions don't feel like enough support, but a residential program may be too intensive. Instead, a virtual program with individual, group, and family sessions is a middle-road solution that delivers tangible results you can see and feel. Plus, virtual access and flexible scheduling makes IOP a convenient and effective care option.

Quality practitioners with the experience to help

Our clinical team is comprised of providers who specialize in evidence-based, trauma-informed practices. Our virtual IOP for young adults also incorporates holistic practices to create personalized support plans designed to fit your needs.

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Find your group connection

Collective healing is an integral part of our IOP for young adults. With supported groups, you're matched with others in your age group who are facing similar struggles or have other qualities in common. Virtual care gives you the ability to build connections from your safe space.

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Individual therapy from the comfort of home

Each week, you'll participate in an individual therapy session to work through mental health concerns with your uniquely-matched therapist. It's an ideal place to discuss both past traumas and ongoing stressors and triggers in your daily life. Together, you can identify the root causes of your challenges and start working through them in a supportive environment.

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Family therapy for holistic healing

Family therapy can help you build a stronger foundation of trust at home while opening the doors to communication and healing together. Whether you participate with your parents, siblings, or spouse/partner, these important sessions will help you build better relationships no matter what challenges your family has faced in the past. Moving forward is possible, and our research shows that those who participate in family therapy have the most positive outcomes in their IOP with Charlie Health.

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Benefits of IOP programs for young adults

Our unique IOP program delivers effective results. In addition to above-industry-average attendance rates, previous clients have reported outcomes such as:

  • 7 in 10 no longer have suicidal thoughts
  • 60% report a decrease in symptoms of depression
  • More than half no longer self harm

The work you put into your young adult IOP with Charlie Health produces real results in your life.

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Comprehensive mental health treatment from home

90% of clients would recommend Charlie Health to a friend or loved one.