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Family Therapy

We believe comprehensive healing includes a dedication to treating the entire family or support system of our client. Family therapy provides a space for improving communication, processing trauma, and creating an environment for sustainable healing.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Group Therapy

For teens and young adults in need of a higher level of support, IOP provides comprehensive, personalized treatment. We build specialized treatment curriculums for clients to access multiple modalities of evidence-based group therapy to build connections and heal alongside peers with similar needs.

Individual Therapy

In addition to group therapy, weekly 1:1 private sessions provide clients with individualized care to ensure their unique goals are being met by a primary therapist who specializes in those needs. Each client will also have access to psychiatrists as needed for medication management.

We believe everyone deserves to be empowered and loved

Our team of clinicians employ engaging and effective therapeutic groups to build connections among peers, show support, role model productive communication, and ultimately heal together.

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Reaching out for help can feel overwhelming—we're here to change that

Our admissions team is available 24/7 to listen to your needs, answer your questions, and provide you with a tailored treatment program that meets your goals.

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Navigating treatment options for your loved ones can feel overwhelming.
We're here to change that

Our admissions team is here 24/7 to help you find the best treatment option for your loved one. We'll advise you on how to best support them through the process & how you can achieve recovery together.

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We work with communities to fill the gap in the continuum of care

We value being a trusted partner with schools, providers, hospitals, and local organizations. We know that working together and within communities is the best way to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate care.

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Charlie Health Team

"Reaching out for help takes courage, and the Charlie Health team ensures our clients and families feel heard, affirmed, and confident they are doing the right thing. We are here to offer our support to youth, families, and community leaders through filling the gap in continuum of mental health care. Everyone deserves to feel supported and understood, and its critical adolescents and young adults have a safe place to heal and grow!"

Laura Sebulsky, MBSR
Director of Clinical Outreach

Clients & Family

“My therapist at Charlie Health helped me to see how what I was doing to myself was hurtful, she asked me if I would ever treat a friend the way I treat myself, I realized I was truly creating pain not only in my life but in my family’s life. I grew and started treating myself the way I would treat a friend, I have been reading more, sleeping better and laughing more.”

Riley H.
Charlie Health Client

Clients & Family

"Charlie Health brought our whole family into the same room and helped us get out some seriously painful but truthful issues we have been running away from. While it was hard to look at my part and how it affected my family, it needed to be done in order for all of us to heal. Our family is so much better as a unit since we had our first family session at Charlie Health."

Bill H.
Charlie Health Parent

Charlie Health Team

“As a therapist, I work to foster understanding, growth, and confidence in the clients I work with. Charlie Health continues to allow me to be inspired and thrive in the quality of service I deliver each day”

Chad Sanchez

Clients & Family

“We used to go to baseball games, hang out, and watch Netflix. Slowly, my son became less and less like himself and more and more down. I was scared to see him get like this. My wife found Charlie Health and within days of him participating in group therapy and confiding in his primary therapist, I saw the light inside of him come back on. I felt like I got my boy back.”

Jack C.
Charlie Health Parent

Charlie Health Team

"Excellence in clinical programming and personalized treatment is at the core of what we do at Charlie Health. Every client that comes to Charlie Health has needs that are specific to them, and our clinical team works diligently to ensure that their treatment is personalized and specific to those needs. Our goal is to reach as many families as we can and to be a part of their amazing journeys toward hope and healing.”

NaKeya Ashe, LCSW
Clinical Director

Mental health treatment is not
a one-size-fits-all solution

We strongly believe that self-destructive behaviors are external manifestations or symptoms of deeper underlying  issues. We also know that mental health struggles are unique to each person. When we start with the internal hurts and work our way out, we achieve the most positive, sustainable results for even the most acute mental health crises.

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