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Find your group. Grow together.

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Find your group. Grow together.

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“A program that’s really making an impact for teens.”

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“A program that’s really making an impact for teens.”

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Our evidence-based, intensive programs set clients and families up for long-term success

Therapy once a week isn't always enough. Charlie Health's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) combines supported groups, family therapy, and individual therapy into a series of personalized sessions multiple times per week. Our experts use research to address mental health struggles at their roots.

Available 24/7

Connect with our admissions team and learn more about our personalized treatment options.

Flexible care plans

We work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your schedule, your insurance, and your goals.

Matched for success

Our peer-matching program allows us to pair you with the right providers and with peers who relate to your lived experiences.

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We're on a mission to end the youth mental health crisis through equitable access, evidence-based care, and life-saving research

Simple steps toward success


Get in touch

Our admissions team is here 24/7 to listen to your needs and answer any and all questions you may have.


Connect with our team

After you learn more about our program, we'll schedule a clinical consultation to hear more about your specific circumstances.


Meet your provider

We'll match you with a customized group that understands where you're coming from and with a primary therapist who specializes in your needs.

Hear from the Charlie Health Community

“Before Charlie Health, I had never met other people like me. Going through the program with people I could relate to for the first time in my life…it made me feel seen. Group validated my experience in a big way. The connection to a community and having the means to do that via Charlie Health- that’s been everything in terms of my mental health journey.”

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Recent Charlie Health graduate

“I really didn’t know what to do for my daughter before Charlie Health. I’ve always felt I've been alone in this. I felt so helpless. Within the first week [of her starting Charlie Health], my daughter was acting like herself again. Charlie Health has given my daughter and me lifelong tools to navigate her anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve been blown away. I’m very impressed and very happy.”

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Tasia C.

Parent of 17 year old in the program

"As a therapist, I work to foster understanding, growth, and confidence in the clients I work with. Charlie Health continues to allow me to be inspired and thrive in the quality of service I deliver each day."

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Chad Sanchez


"Excellence in clinical programming and personalized treatment is at the core of what we do at Charlie Health. Every client who comes to us has needs that are specific to them, and our clinical team works diligently to ensure that their treatment is tailored to those needs. Our goal is to reach as many families as we can and to be a part of their journeys toward hope and healing." 

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NaKeya Ashe

Clinical Director


We are committed to driving better outcomes

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9-12 weeks

Our evidence-based programs are for young people in need of a higher level of support, with comprehensive, personalized treatment plans alongside peers with common goals.

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Data-driven care

One of the critical fractures in the mental healthcare system is a lack of outcomes-based care. We're changing that. Our clinical team leverages data to optimize each individual experience with virtual IOP.

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100% matched

Every new client is paired with a personalized therapist who is trained to address their specific needs. Each client is also placed into a group with peers coming from similar backgrounds and life experiences. At Charlie Health, you're never alone.

The core mental health conditions we support

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Comprehensive mental health treatment from home

90% of clients would recommend Charlie Health to a friend or loved one. 

We're dedicated to equitable access to mental healthcare. If your plan doesn't cover our program, or if you're uninsured, we'll work directly with you to find a solution.